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 Name Meanings

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PostSubject: Name Meanings   Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:05 am

Lilian - Lily
Dawn - Dawn
Jed - beloved of God
Emily - rival
Eugenia - well born
Georgia - earth worker
Violet -
Aaron - exalted
Charlotte - warrior
Luther - people's army
Homer - hostage, pledge
William - will, desire
Laura - laurel
Randolph -
Betty -
Melanie - black, dark
Richard - brave, power
Philip - friend of horses
Clara - clear, bright, famous
Bronson -
Michael - like God
Christie - Christian
James -
Fern - peace, brave
Sally - lady, princess
Jefferson - peace
Ormand -
Edwina - rich friend
Gavin - white hawk

Got another name meaning to add? One's not right? Go ahead and set me straight, and I will change it.
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Name Meanings
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