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 Melody and Cary

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PostSubject: Melody and Cary   Melody and Cary EmptyThu Sep 03, 2009 4:47 pm

How do you think Melody and Cary would have told Sara and everyone about their relationship and plans to marry? How do you think everyone would have reacted to it?

I think that they would have told Sara together, and May after they had told Sara. I personally think that Sara would have been shocked, because she probably wasn't a bit suspicious they were anything more than good friends. I also think May would have been thrilled, I think she thought they were secretly dating (or at least liked each other) all along.

I think the part where they tell them should have been included in the book - it would have made a great scene.It would have been funny to have it that after they had got engaged and then Judge Childs and Sara discussing who out of Melody and Cary would marry first and both of them still believe neither of them were dating anyone. Then for Melody and Cary to drop the bombshell on them.

Share your thoughts on this.
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Melody and Cary
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